Cyber Monday finally puts my favorite Himawari Backpack back on sale

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    I've been waiting all weekend for this backpack to go on sale — and it has!

    My coworkers all carry an ungodly amount of gear around in backpacks that cost an ungodly amount of money. Me? I don't really need all that hassle. Most days that I go to Walt Disney World — because that's the reason I live in Orlando — I just need a bag that's big enough for my Chromebook, an umbrella or hoodie, a charger, a water bottle, and some snacks.

    In that regard, the Himawari is the perfect size for me, which is why I picked up mine on a Lightning deal during Prime Day back in the summer, and have been pretty much in love with it ever since. Through Black Friday weekend, I've been peeking in on the backpack deals looking for Himawari to pop up again. Lo and behold, the Himawari Travel Backpack is within a few dollars of its lowest price ever, and if your're wanting a cute but sensible backpack for your laptop and a few accessories, this is the deal to jump on.

    My new gear bag

    Himawari 14.9" Travel Backpack

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    An adorable yet functional compact bag

    This bag isn't made for cross-country trips and marathon days at conventions, but it's perfect for a day at a theme park or hauling your notebooks around your college campus.

    Most colors 28% off

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    This bag is surprisingly adaptable for a compact carry-all, featuring side pockets on both the inside and outside of the bag that I use for water bottles, umbrellas, and folding fans. Because those side pockets are essentially sharing the same space, don't expect to use the interior ones for much if you stick a bottle in the outer pocket, but I've stuck a bottle in the outer pocket and a folding fan in the inner pocket on the same side before.

    The sleeve for laptops isn't super-duper padded, but it's enough for my durable little You must be registered for see links, which is also You must be registered for see links. 11.6-inch Chromebooks fit this bag easily, but I wouldn't expect laptops bigger than 13 inches to fit in here, especially if you add a laptop sleeve.

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    The straps of this backpack are lightly padded, and if I'm wearing the straps short or only wearing one side — it's slowly killing my back, but it just feels more natural sometimes — I can snap the excess in so it doesn't dangle while I'm carrying my bag on and off rides, trams, and monorails. I also rather like the front pouch: it looks like you have to undo the leather straps, but there's a snap at the top you can pull for easier access.

    There's a wide, wide, wide variety of colors available for this pack, but I highly recommend checking them out on Amazon's mobile site or mobile app on your phone. On desktop, it just shows a drop-down menu that isn't very descriptive for most color combos, but on mobile you can see thumbnails of every color and price in a carousel. I have the straight Navy Blue, but the You must be registered for see links is giving me some Han Solo vibes that would look killer at Galaxy's Edge.

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การสนทนาใน 'News Mobile Phone' เริ่มโดย News, 3 ธันวาคม 2019